Super Supplement List For 2018!

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Lately I have been asked what supplements I am currently taking and so I thought I would share my favorites with you. Since I am not sponsored by a supplement company, I wanted to really dive in and see if I could find a product that I really liked, and absolutely works. So here is the complete list you’ll see the links below….I hope you like them as much as I do.

Though there is quite a list, I decided to put a star by the MUST haves. I understand it’s an investment. Once you have chosen the flavors and products go ahead and reach out to my buddy Carl Marinaccio. He is the contact and the one who can get you the best prices as well.

The foundational stack in my opinion always starts with is a great protein supplement. My favorite is the Pro 5...I’m quite sure I drink it way too much. Lol Next on the must-have list are the multivitamins, BCAA’s and the Fiburn.  Previously, I gave up whey protein and went with a vegan brand until I tasted the Pro 5 about a month ago. Now it’s my favorite...It’s SO good. And here is the thing, I am really noticing more muscle growth. It’s a complete protein and it is really showing on my physique.

Placing your order: You have to call Carl to order at 813-991-9999.

Location: NutriShop 6431 County Line Road, Tampa, Fl 33647

He ships out fast and has amazing deals, tell him Ava sent you.

Like I said, I literally live on the Pro-5 Protein (chocolate). The BCAA’s I drink daily in my water bottle. Recently, I was having major digestives issues that went away immediately with Fiburn. I take that every AM first thing, and it really made me very aware that I wasn’t getting enough daily fiber. The final must haves are the EFA’s that contain sesamin and the Natures Fuel which has a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids all in a powder form. So the fundamentals are covered here.


Now for the full list for those of you who are ready to rock in 2018, and understand the value of investing in yourself, I suggest this entire list as it is an incredible gift to yourself. * * * * *

Happy Holidays everyone....

Let’s rock in 2018, I am ready if you are!

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