60 Minute Phone Consultation

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This phone consultation is for women who are preparing for competition, are contemplating competing or have no interest in competing at all, but would like to address specific issues with me.

Really, this call may go in any direction you would like. I am open to discussing your life goals, your current obstacles, or any other topic you feel is what you need.

For Competitors:

Categories of competition are Bikini, Figure, Physique and Bodybuilding. 

If you are unsure which category you are best suited for, we can discuss your options as one of the many topics that are available to discuss.

The phone call is designed to cover a wide variety of subjects all dealing with some aspect of competing.

I will leave it up to you, so come prepared to the phone call so that we cover as much as possible in a half an hour.

Here is a list of potential subjects, including but not limited to:

1. Suit choice (recommended colors for YOU, preferred designers along with my personal experience with each allowing you to make an informed decision for yourself.)

2. Nutrition questions.  Dispelling myths.

3. Training questions.

4. Small but extremely important  details such as where to buy affordable jewelry, who are great makeup artists, tanning options: when to do it, with what products, how many coats, etc., shoe selection: height of heel, websites to purchase, and how to never buy the wrong shoe for your body type again, pre-competition check lists, as well as any other question that you may have that can help you bring the best package and presentation to the competition stage.

5.  How to obtain sponsorships.

6.  Training questions.

7.  Mental Training Strategies.

8.  Show Selection.

This is a time when you will, “Get the goods” so to speak. I am aware that my prices may not be within your budget, but the service you are paying for is the 12 years of experience. My intention is to get you on the right track, and fast.

So let's save you time, unnecessary expenses and give you access to my education, competition knowledge (25 + shows of experience) and life experience!

I look forward to connecting with you.