24 Week Offseason Physique Preparation

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Building a solid physiques takes place in the offseason just as much as during the contest preparation phase. If you are not within 17+ weeks of stepping on stage this program is for you!

The time in between preparing for competition can leave a competitor vulnerable to some of the issues competitors have in the offseason.

Get focused, gain clarity of your goals and stay in great shape all year long!

Start now with your Offseason Physique Preparation to determine your next contest, and what your offseason goals are and gain accountability all while building your best physique!

This program last for 24 weeks with a phone consultation with Ava and weekly check ins via email.

What you can expect:

1. Weekly check ins.

2. A plan that is closely monitored and designed with your specific goals and needs in mind.

3. A phone consultation to discuss competition goals.

Your Program includes:

* Nutritional Consultation.
* Training Program
* Cardio Schedule
* Phone Consultation 

Once payment is received, you will received a health history questionnaire, a release of liability form both of which you sign and send back. And ALL instructions will be given at that time.

Be prepared to e-mail current (as in taken within the week you start the program)pictures of you from the front, back & side wearing two piece moderate swimsuit or sports bra & bike shorts to info@avacowan.com, this will help expedite the process.

Once I receive all completed forms from you, please allow 48 hours for me to write your program.

Please review plan at least 24 hours before contacting me with your questions. Should you have questions regarding the plan, please email them in one single email.

Thank you and I look forward to supporting you with reaching your goals!