3 Skype Posing Sessions

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3 (30 minute) Skype Posing Sessions.

I work with all organizations, and understand how the posing is different which is dependent on that organization.

After over a decade of practicing stage presentations and posing, I feel I have a many tools, tips and suggestions to offer you. Creating an exceptional competition stage presentation is an often overlooked aspect of preparing for competition.

Posing is in itself an art, and is very "sport specific" in terms of training for it. You engage muscles in a way that is very unique and different than the muscles used to build a beautiful physique. So "posing" muscles need to be trained consistently to ensure you are able to not only present a proper presentation but you must have the capacity and endurance to "hold" those poses for extended periods of time. 

Within the 3 sessions I will cover proper body positioning, right focus goals, mental strategies, transition suggestions, and so much more! 

Make sure before the session that I am able to view your entire physique, and you have your heels ready, and hair down. 

Thank you,