40 Minute Spiritual Phone Consultation - Non Fitness Related - Language of Light Transmission

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Hello! šŸ˜€ If you have found yourself here, it certainly did not happen by chance.

After receiving several requests for spiritual guidance, I have decided to offer a phone consultation regarding spirituality, ascension, the dark night of the soul, spiritual awakening, some esoteric wisdom, etheric DNA recoding, Universal Laws, as well as other topics that are less mainstream but that are of interest to you.

I am aware that many people are currently going through profound transformations as our planet is shifting significantly. On this call, I am open to discussing your path with you and offer some suggestions as to how to navigate your journey. I did so on my own, learning as I went along and I started this phase in late November 2013.Ā 

Through deep transformations, activations and profound realizations of my soulā€™s purpose, I feel divinely guided at this time to offer the Universal Language of Light transmission. I had a spontaneous and profound activation on 12/25/2014 which was a complete life altering experience for me. I am able to hold and integrate these very high light frequencies through my body. This Divine Gift is an extremely powerful and unique transmission. With this session, there is no actual "translation" that I can put into words for your "mind" to comprehend. The "mind" is unable to comprehend and it supersedes language as we know it. Based on the intention, it will be without questionĀ  what your soul needs at this time.Ā 

This is just an option. If a light transmission feels agreeable to you, I will proceed and send you a transmission that is directly from Pure Source Energy. If this doesn't resonate, we can simply speak about ways for you to learn more about your journey. There are no absolute answers, and I suggest to always follow your own guidance.

I understand that this may be something you have not heard about, so please feel free to do your own research. I have included below just a very small amount of information. For in truth, there are no words that can adequately describe the experience as it transcends all human thought or logic.

May I suggest before our session that you drop into your heart and again, I invite you to look into what an amazing Universal and Spiritual Offering that this truly is.

Many blessings to you and I look forward to connecting. It is my sincerest desire is to be of service and a messenger from the Divine.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the Language of Light?

TheĀ Language of Light is the pure sound frequency of creation. Some say that it is the language of the ā€œAngelsā€. There are many sound frequencies of the Language of Light, but if you could hear it in its purest sense, you would hear pure, crystalline vibrational frequencies. These frequencies carry healing light codes and emanateĀ pure unconditional love from the Heart of the Pure Source Energy (God, Creator, Mother/ Father God, Pure Consciousness, etc.)Ā 

I have been told that when I speak the Light Language, the receiver feels it deeply within their soul, feeling a deep resonanceĀ even if they have never heard it before. The Languageā€™s tonal vibration comes from and is at a much higher dimensional frequency than a humanā€™s voice. When spoken the sound may be that of my voice but the sound comes from much higher dimensions and have many healing abilities. The Language of Light and its many functions can facilitate Light Activations as well as reactivate your ethericĀ DNA. If you are curious about the subject of altering DNA, may I suggest researching the science of epigenetics. Quite fascinating.

The Language of Light is a powerful living light energy capable of creating significant changes upon the planet and within humanity and the heart of the individual. It is an an exceptional facilitator of profound miracles of change and healing.

What are Light Codes?
Light codesĀ are your personal frequency transmissions, your specific blueprint or cosmic fingerprints. Every living being is encoded at birth with a specific set ofĀ codesĀ that they are to transmit during their lifetime.

What is aĀ Light Activation?
Light Body/Sacred GeometryĀ Activation. Your Lightbody is a gridwork ofĀ lightĀ and sacred geometry that merges together your physical, emotional, mental, and etheric aspects turning them and merging them into your higher dimensional aspect. My body radiatesĀ lightĀ energy and electromagnetically links with your multidimensional self while connecting to pure Source Energy/Infinite Universe.

How can I shift or activate my DNA with the Language of Light?
The original discovery of DNA showed our genes as fixed and unchanging, and that they controlled our physical appearance, behavior, and predisposition to disease. However, more recent studies show that our environment, personal preferences, thoughts, emotions, words, actions, decisions, lifestyles, and beliefs also have an influence upon our DNA. That means past injuries or emotional trauma can damage the DNA. The good news is, we can also alter our DNA through positive, joyful and uplifting emotions as well as happy experiences. In essence, we can evolve our DNA through our choices.
The body is currently changing into a crystalline structure. This transformation requires a rewiring and reprogramming of the DNA. Much of what we think is ā€œwrongā€ with us is a natural response to higher frequencies coming into the planet during this time of rapid evolution in consciousness. This affects our emotions and/or physical body. If the energy from injuries or past traumas are held within the cells of the body, the process of shifting can take longer and feel like an illness. Many people report having expensive medical testing done only to find there is no cause for their ā€œascension symptoms.ā€ So, how do we get through this process quicker and easier? Codes transmitted through the Language of Light can override and reprogram old beliefs and patterns that make you feel sick or anxious or overly emotional. I have witnessed light language create shifts in consciousness, enhance spiritual gifts, facilitate amazing emotional breakthroughs, as well as assist with healing the body of illness and suffering.
In recent years, this language has been emerging in people who are having a spiritual awakening.
A few ways to move more easily through this shift:
1. Relax. Stop focusing on what is wrong. Become more present in your current moment while finding satisfactionĀ within it.
2. Love and thank your body. Speak gently to yourself and know there is a divine intelligence within that knows how to release carbon-based density and shift into a crystalline structure.
3. Listen to Language of Light transmissions.
4. Connect with nature more often. The Earth shifting is led by Source and to integrateĀ with the new energies is best done outside in nature. This allows the assistance of the Earth to help you.
5. Find joy and satisfaction regardless of your current reality. Find your creative spark and/or do something that brings you happiness and contentment.
6. Work with a Language of Light practitioner. This may actually activate you! If this is in your soul's plan, you yourself may begin to speak this sacred frequency. And minimally, it will calm your emotions and deeply penetrate the heart. Possibly clearing the energy centers. (Chakras)
I am available via Phone, FB Messenger, Whatsapp or Wire.
Activating and upgrading the etheric DNA encoding assists with the expression of our higher selves, our physical body as well as integratingĀ the new earthĀ energies.
More positive changes are coming and the Language of Light light can help bring them more online.
Shall we give it a try? šŸ™šŸ»šŸ˜‡šŸ¦‹
If this resonates with you, I look forward to our connection.Ā