6 Weeks To Sexy! * Ready To Go Plan.

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I am so thrilled to offer this fantastic one-time program.
What's Included:
1.  A precise nutrition plan that I wrote based which is moderately aggressive.  Feel free to be creative and substitute other foods that have a similar macronutrient profile.  But it's perfect for those of you who want the menu written for you.
2.  An intense weight training schedule specific that increases in intensity each week.
3.  Your cardio protocol.
4.  Basic Supplementation.
I am confident that you will be thrilled.
Purchase now and get started immediately!
NOTE:  This is not a custom program.  
It is a ready to execute plan, using a menu of suggested foods and quantities.
For a customized program please visit ---->  8 - 52 Week plans right here.  
Average body fat loss is .5- 2 lbs per week.
Please keep that in mind when purchasing.

Ava Cowan