8 Week Customized Physique Transformation

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I am thrilled to consult you and help you build the physique of your dreams.

Because you do not have to step on stage, sometimes it is tough to stay on a plan, especially when no one is watching.

When you make the decision to better your life, you will have me in your corner, and committed 100% to you.

Because there are weekly updates, it helps immensely to stay right on track. 

I'm straightforward but I also sincerely care. And in truth, that is often all that is needed is the proper guidance and support.

That someone is me, and is why I have decided to offer my expertise to you.

What you can expect:

1. Weekly check ins.

2. A plan that is closely monitored and designed with your specific goals and needs in mind.

3. I’m firm but fair. I will push you in the ways that are the most effective for you. 

4. You will learn things that will be beneficial for all areas of your life.

Here's the great part....Get ready to eat foods you never thought you could. 

Discover who you are and who you can become physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s a journey, and I would like nothing more than to help you fulfill your dreams.

Note: I will never recommend losing more than 1-2 lbs. of body fat per week.

Your Program includes:

* Nutritional Consultation.
* Training Program
* Cardio Schedule
* Suggested Supplementations

Once payment is received, you will received a health history questionnaire, a release of liability form both of which you sign and send back. ALL instructions will be given at that time.

Be prepared to email current (as in taken within the week you start the program) pictures of you from the front, back & side wearing two piece moderate swimsuit or sports bra & bike shorts to info@avacowan.com, this will help expedite the process.

Once I receive all completed forms from you, please allow 48 hours for me to write your program.

Please review plan at least 24 hours before contacting me with your questions. Should you have questions regarding the plan, please email them in one single email.

I look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals!