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Today I thought I would write a new blog. I have no idea what I am going to discuss but it was suggested to me and I agreed that it was time! I have been so involved with all that is not online over the past few years that I had little desire to write or to come out of my cave until now. So, I thought that I would not plan a thing and allow whatever wants to come through to do so. I will keep it straight forward and simple. I have dramatically shifted the way I maneuver in life by releasing control of almost everything. I stay very much in the present moment as planning much of anything simply doesn’t feel natural anymore. So we will see where this blog goes together.

As a person who always was in “work” and “doing” mode, this is quite a new approach.

Being. I am creating a life in that I am able to BE present in as much as possible. Previously, when I tried to control everything in my life, I felt anxiety and it never worked anyway.

I have come to find magic right here and now.

In this Now….

I am enjoying every single aspect of the morning. I have placed my Andara crystals in the rays of the sun as the gorgeous bright solar rays beam through the windows into my room. The light permeates the crystals which cleanse and energetically encodes them. Ricky - my cat- enjoys the fresh morning air and warm sunshine as well. We both are taking the time to appreciate the pristine beauty that exists right in the backyard. There is one enormous pine tree that my family planted some years back from a previous Christmas. It has grown in epic proportions and is home to seemingly hundreds of birds. They are mesmerizing to watch as they sing and dance with each other flying in and out of the trees. It's like a slice of heaven back there. So much about life can be learned from the wild. They are so free and yet immensely unified. 


You may wonder what I have been up to. I hope to explain in my upcoming blogs and/ or videos but the primary focus is on all that I wish to expand in my reality. More specifically, my ever-expanding consciousness and all that feels good. For quite a while, I had to really concentrate on this because it wasn't normal for me. While trying to control my life, there were many less desirable emotions that go with that. I chose to release all outdated beliefs and habits in order to evolve, grow and heal. Over the subsequent weeks and months, I started to wake up differently. I actually felt extremely happy each morning. My reality shifted from intending to be happy and satisfied into becoming my natural state of being. All became effortless and now it simply is. An extremely important aspect for me to shift was to keep my vibrational frequency high. There are many ways to keep a higher vibration and I will probably write another blog about that. But to start, I don’t allow negativity into my awareness at all. Mastering that is one thing, it is quite another to disallow the programs of others into my field as well. To protect my energy means being very skilled at not allowing anything that I do not want in my experience into my awareness. It means saying no often all day, every day. I understand that if I engage with people that are choosing a lower vibrational reality then I am choosing that as well. I discovered that if I close off that possibility then I am not consenting to engage energetically. This is in all thoughts, actions or even subtle responses. A head nod is a consent.

I will illustrate with an example.

A few months ago, I had taken on a client for bikini posing. My job was not only about teaching about specific poses but also about what my client was transmitting to the audience. This is similar to creating a character as an actress and is absolutely useful for everyday life. In addition to creating this “character” was not to take on the opinions of a lower vibrational anything. In competition, you get hit with tons of low vibes! This non-engagement means that energetically you do not comply with the exchange. Think about Neo in the movie The Matrix. Eventually, he held his hand up and the bullets fell. Those bullets are symbolic of energetic exchanges. Once you realize the depths of how you are affected by everything and everybody, you will go to great lengths to protect your own vibrational frequency and thus your entire experience on earth. 


It’s imperative to disengage from even seemingly innocent exchanges. A perfect example presented itself to me in front of my client. We met in the aerobic room over by the stereo. The instructor from the previous class was at the stereo gathering her equipment as I approached to sync up my phone so that we had music for the session. She let me know repeatedly, almost on a loop, how the stereo did not, could not and would not work. I had been using the stereo for a few months and knew how to operate it. The three of us stood there as the verbal bullets shot at me. She told me in every way imaginable that the stereo was unquestionably broken. I said and did absolutely nothing in response. I did not acknowledge her claim nor did I utter a word or offer a nod. I also didn’t think of anything. I was looking at my phone and choosing music until she left the room completely. I am not open for that kind of exchange, and I could see my client’s eyes grow bigger as the woman tried to engage me with her programmed belief system. I held my ground, stayed neutral and she got nothing in return. There was a non-verbal disconnect, a vibrational mismatch and finally, she proceeded to walk out of the room. I waited until she exited completely then I proceeded to sync the stereo to my phone. The music blasted. I looked at my client and told her that I waited for the woman to leave until attempting the stereo because her consciousness could have dictated our experience. I said that is her limiting belief system, not mine. Had I entertained her exchange whatsoever, we may not have had music for our session and that in my reality the stereo did work. I consent only to that which I want to experience. 

That would be one example of how I intentionally dictate my reality. I don't allow programs or the limiting beliefs of others create my experience. No matter what is happening around me, I only participate in the energy I wish to experience. 

Speaking of which….

I am going to now get ready to enjoy this beautiful day.  

It feels very good to connect with you!

Have a blessed week.





  • Hi Jim,
    Thank you so much for your feedback and comment. I didn’t have setting adjusted to notify me of this comment and am just now seeing it. I found a link for the Andara crystals and added that in. I believe the next blog will be how to raise your vibrationa frequency and why it is important. Again, thanks for stopping by!


    Ava Cowan on

  • I totally agree with so many of these observations. Over the last year I have been viewing negative action during events or interactions with fellow humans who are in an unconscious low frequency state, as the observer rather than the reaction, no longer being drawn into an egoic beatdown, just holding space and transmuting the negativity simply by seeing it and not giving it any energy. It really changes everything. Thanks for sharing your experiences thru this blog, I appreciate your view and really enjoyed reading it!

    Jim Ernest on

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