What Clients are Saying....

I have worked with Ava for a little over 2 years. She has been a true inspiration and role model to me over the last decade. I have nothing but the utmost respect for her knowledge and expertise, dedication, and support. 

With the assistance of one of her comprehensive plans, I trained, competed, and took first place in my figure division category in August of 2021. 

Ava currently has me on an off-season training plan and I am continuing to build, add mass, and focus on areas that I specifically want to enhance. 

She tailors her programs accordingly to meet each individual’s need and will hold you accountable for that plan. 

She recently incorporated a new training tool called True Coach. This platform allows us to easily communicate and keep track of my progress. Her individualized workouts and meal plans are listed daily and the TrueCoach app is very easy to navigate. The convenience of this program has honestly made my life easier, especially at the gym, with daily workouts and macros clearly displayed. This also takes accountability to a whole new level and if I miss a day… she knows!! 

My current goal is to compete again next summer/fall and I look forward to the journey with my amazing coach and friend. 

Annette Dekanich 

Maryville, TN


20 Week Physique Transformation training only at home.
Starting weight 184.6
Ending weight 166.6
Here is what Chris said about working with me.
"I have been around a lot of athletes and coaches over the years, but never one that understands the high performance mindset as well as Ava. Many trainers know how to put together a diet and training plan, but Ava knows how to influence, inspire, and instill the drive to get better, while being an accountability partner along the way. It takes a lot of energy to influence others and Ava gives everything she has got to help each individual unleash their authentic direction and ability. If you choose to work with Ava, you will get outstanding results. I am so glad I made the choice to work with her, Ava is a truly gifted coach and person."
- Chris


R. Balboa 

36 Weeks Customized Physique Transformation

"OK SO here goes finally time to thank my boss for the last few weeks. Miss Ava Cowan. This has been frustrating at time and challenging and loooong. She doesn't sugar coat it she tells it like it is-thats a good thing. I am telling you she knows her shit. There is no screwing around here. She helped me rebuild after all the crap and injuries-I literally could not start training upper body heavy until like May because of all my tears and tendonitis etc. We found ways around it. It took me 32 weeks but I lost 25# Not only that the most important thing is she literally changed my body and she taught me how to eat to actually build muscle. I ate carbs at night....in fact I ate well. I look totally different than I did last year. If this sport is something you want to participate in then for gods sake spend the money on someone who is actually going to not only teach you something but show you how to have some longevity and the ability to wake up the day after your show feel great and start right back up again. She is worth every last penny. Invest in yourself and give yourself the tools to do this right and do it well."


Ken P.

Spiritual Life Coaching

"I was going through very tough & trying times over the last year. I constantly felt as if my life was unraveling, one event & life experience was worse than the next. I started to stagnate in life. My views on life became more negative. I started to really question, as most of us do, why we are here and for what purpose. As each month passed, I thought that I, alone, could see and will myself out of this. I needed help. I needed someone to help me see my life & experiences with more clarity. What I received with Ava Cowan’s, Spiritual Life Coaching, was much more than I expected. It was, for me, life changing. She has helped me see my purpose with more clarity; has opened my eyes to see experiences in a way I never have; and my vitality for life & experience is now so improved (in such a short time). With Ava’s life coaching, I have made tremendous progress. She has helped me in so many aspects of my life, that I thought I could do by myself. But, I couldn’t. I highly recommend taking the 1st step, as I did, to contact her for her Spiritual Life Coaching.

There is a saying in life: “Change can be frightening, and the temptation is often to resist it. But change almost always provides opportunities - to learn new things, to re-think-tired processes, and to improve the way we live.” I resisted doing something different to get out of a bad mindset and the tough times. I thought I could solve it myself, to get myself to a better place with a renewed vigor for life. But I couldn’t and didn’t. It was only until I contacted Ava and went through several life coaching sessions with her, that I was able to learn & understand more about who I am, what these experiences were telling me; and how to see my purpose with much more clarity. I now feel I am living my life on a higher vibrational level and look forward to the many experiences ahead in my life.

Thank you, Ava! You clearly have a gift to understand life on a much deeper level than most. Your purpose to help others, especially me, was evident in each of the coaching sessions. I owe you immense gratitude for your help & guidance."

Ken, Charlotte, NC


12 Weeks - Total Mind-Body-Spirit Transformation - For Everyone.

Elaina M.

"Before I decided to work with Ava I had gained 40 pounds and I was going through a lot in my life. Ava helped me go deep to find the core reasons for the weight gain and break through the blocks on my journey to losing weight and keeping it off. The path through healing isn’t just physical, it’s mental too. Through her training and mind, body, and soul program, I have lost 30 pounds so far. Especially since my gym closed during the pandemic, she created an at home workout program that helped me get the weight off. Ava knows what it takes to create a positive change in not only your physique but mindset as well. Working with her has been the best decision for not only my physical appearance but also my mental wellbeing."

Elaina M.


Online Competition Preparation 

Nicole M.

"Ms. Ava Cowan is an Athlete, Professional and Woman I have admired since I learned about the world of Bodybuilding and Figure Competitors. There is no other woman that graces the stage quite like she does, you can't take your eyes off of her and want to see more. When I was introduced to my idol and she agreed to take me on as a client, I was blown away and honored that she would even want to work with me. I had only competed in two shows, placed well, but still new to the sport. I was so accustomed to another style of training, eating and posing, but without meeting her, I trusted Ava to take me on an 18-week journey reteaching me how to eat, new techniques in my training and she really took the time to teach me how to captivate the judges during my posing presentation. I was not always easy to coach, there were times I tried things my way and it reflected in how my body responded, but when I finally let go and did what I was told, the results are and still shocking to me. I was full of self-doubt and scared to switch coaches in my path to become an IFBB Figure Pro, but she never gave up on me, always gave honest and constructive criticism even in the form of tough love, but most importantly she never stopped believing in me and where I was going, Ms. Ava Cowan empowered me to believe in myself and go after the goal and dream I set out for myself. Even on the day of my greatest show yet, sick and with a fever, she was with me all the way pushing and empowering me to become the pro I so desired to be, when that First Prize Trophy was given to me... All the self-doubt, hard work, confusion, sweat and tears not only paid off, but felt great! I did it, we did it, Team Ava did it!!!! I am forever grateful not for the fact that I won, but because this lovely person opened her heart and soul to me and my dream and taught me to believe in myself even when all the outside voices and voices in my head told me otherwise. I look forward to our next steps together in the upcoming season. Team Ava <3"

Nicolle Melillo 

New IFBB Pro First Place

2017 North Americans 35+



Stephanie M.


I just wanted to reach out to express my appreciation for our experience together as I know I would not be where I am today if our paths did not cross. Throughout the summer, my energy has come back, my bloating after meals to the extreme is gone and my headaches and other symptoms are non-existent!! I have not gone a day without waking up and feeling like “wow, I cannot believe I made it through this”, as you came into my life at one of the lowest points. I can say with confidence, because of your guidance, patients, and just overall awesomeness, I am at one of the most exciting times in my life. I am forever grateful, so thank you, thank you, thank you. I continue to follow you and cheer for you in all your endeavors. You are an incredible woman and an amazing role model. I am a better person for meeting you.  

All the best,

Stephanie M."


Kate A.

"I would like to share my experiences with Ava Cowan over the last two and half years.  Ava has been my coach as I am an avid bodybuilder with passion for the sport. I compete also. More as a byproduct of my intense working out than a profession.  I compete in the figure division.

If you look up the definition of coach in Wikipedia it reads the following: “Coaching is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development.” 

When I first entered my engagement with Ava this is what I thought she would provide, Coaching!  The experience turned out to be much more than that.  Over the two and half years she was there for me in all aspects of training.  NO matter the day, the time or the question, Ava would respond with care, details and professional insight.  Ava lives in Florida and I live in New Jersey so one would think that would not be a great formula for success.  I will tell you it wouldn’t matter what corner of the world Ava was in, she was so responsive I felt like she was right next to me every day.

She helped me tailor my workouts, my diet and more importantly my psyche about training.  This change in paradigm also has led to positive developments in my personal life.  She was always “on the clock”.  I did compete in the Garden State Bodybuilding Championships the last two years and I did place in both of those competitions.  Ava was there for me right up to the time when I walked on stage for pre-judging.  She would ask for more pictures, tell me more peanut butter cups or more whatever.  She truly cared.

As I have said, the competitions are more for fun.  But what I have attained from my experience with Ava is much deeper.  She has shown me how to take my workouts and diets to the next level.  She has journeyed with me along the way, always adjusting, always watching, always caring.  Regardless of my placement in the competitions I have never been happier with the development of my body, my progress and the depth of knowledge she has given me.  

She clearly has lived up to the definition of “Coach”.  But more importantly I now see her as a mentor.  One that I want to model my fitness routines around.  One that I want to continue to learn from.  I can’t thank her enough for the hard work she has given in my development.  I have never felt better about my progress.   And I do believe as importantly I can call her a friend.  That is because she cares.  She cares about my development, my satisfaction with my progress, and about my psyche.  Although words can never express my gratitude, THANK YOU AVA!" 

Best Regards,

Kate Avhimovich


Suzana S.

"I had a dream to become one of them! After going to watch few Figure competitions, I wanted to be one of those girls, nice tight, tanned,  toned bodies, beautiful flashing suits, ripped abs stepping on stage and everybody is cheering on them! My dream finally came true this past weekend, November 7th, 2009. I was one of those girls!!! The girl that actually stepped on stage for the first time ever and WON!!!

My journey started beginning of 2009. I started to train with one of my friends/boyfriend. That didn't go well because I realized that he wanted my money and is not here to help me! He was sending me meal and workout plans that he made for somebody else and are not altered for my needs. I didn't see any changes in my body for few months working with him, so I decided to move step forward and I contacted Ava Cowan! She was my first choice for a trainer since I've been amazed by her physique and dedication to be the best of the best, but since somebody else offered to train me who I knew from before I put my first choice on the side. That was a big mistake! Well live and learn! 

After I got in touch with Ava, we immediately start working on my meal and workout plan that led me to my success! Everything was altered to fit my needs. I made the best decision with having Ava as my trainer and I wish that I didn't listen to anybody before and went with my heart and had her train me from beginning!

Ava is the best trainer that you can have, passionate about what she is doing, here to help you 150% and answer all your questions, support you during your journey until the last second when you are about to step on that stage!

I've been training with Ava for past 5 months. My body never looked better. When we start training, I had cracked rib and I had to lift about 50% of my usual weight that I was lifting before. In less than 2 months, my body changed drastically. I start lifting heavier, doubled and tripled my weigh that I was lifting before , built quality muscle mass and lose fat. From 145 lb I was down to 128 lb before my competition and from 13.85 % body fat to 8.1% day before the show! 

It wasn't easy!  Dieting, low carbs and you have to push yourself to the maximum. I was thinking to quit few times asking myself do I really want this that bad? Yes, I wanted that badly! 

I had Ava's chant of the champion on my computer screen and every time I was low on myself I read it and that pushed me through! I wanted to cheat on my meals but again, I looked at that very same picture and saw her abs and I wanted to have the same, that was enough to tell myself, she won’t know if you cheated but I will and will show on the end ! Lots of hard work at the gym but most important will of power to don't slip and cheat on your meals, lots of dedication and here I am. Standing on the stage as a winner!

I'll be training with Ava to get me ready for many more shows to come! She is perfectionist in whatever she does, with my posing lessons, every time we get together, she was changing it until finally she found the perfect pose for me to present my physique the best on that stage! She helped me pick the suit, perfect tan, makeup artist just to look my very best ! And i did!

It's not enough words to explain my happiness and thankfulness to her! She made my dream come true! 

What a wonderful, down to earth person, great supportive friend and excellent trainer! 

Looking forward to continue working with her to get me ready for many more shows to come and of course to win them all!

Ava you are the BEST and thank you from all my heart for everything that you have done for me!!! I wouldn't be able to do it without you !!!"