Alternative Coaching Modalities - Sacred Guidance

What is Alternative Coaching and Sacred Guidance?

I am here to assist by guiding in ways that are life changing. Addressing current situations, and shifting much more than words can accurately convey. Rather than only examining behaviors, habits, and goals; I can assist with an energetic healing and delve into deeply rooted beliefs that are no longer working. Bridging you with the higher dimensional energies and the awareness of your own connection to the divine.

Life doesn’t have to be about accepting what comes your way. It can be all that you desire on the deepest level. Conscious Co-Creation is available to All.

As a guide, I share sacred principles and do not base solutions on every day logic or outdated modalities. My goal is to guide you with tools to achieve a higher vibrational frequency and state of being allowing you to create a miraculous life.

I base these principles on what I have learned on my path and have personally experienced. These are only sharings of what has worked for me, and then you go within to determine the correct path for yourself. I believe in empowering others, and will allow the space for you to find your own highest path.

I am a Conduit, Facilitator and Healer, in liaison with Pure Source Energy, for the Highest Good of All. 

Deep understanding and expanded awareness of self, opens the doorway to experience a more meaningful life accessing fulfillment and your higher purpose. Coming to understand that all of the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path. Right here, in the moment of now. This is the journey of self discovery, walking through the shadow aspects of self and moving into your true life’s purpose and mission.

With love and many blessings!

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Your offering and blessing is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you!!